Campaigns can be updated via the internal API

Authentication types: OAuth (Internal) Application Token

PATCH /api/v2/internal/campaigns/CAMPAIGN_UID_OR_UUID
Authorization: Bearer APP_BEARER_TOKEN
Content-Type: application/json


Example curl request

curl -X PATCH -H "Authorization: Bearer BEARER_TOKEN" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"campaign":{"hidden":true}}' ""

Other example payloads:

Setting preferred fitness unit (for sidebar totals): (mi or km supported)


Defining custom totals filters: Supported params available at Fitness leaderboard


Other campaign options

fitbit_summary_only Boolean: when set to true, will import a summary of the number of steps and calories burned during the day (even if they were outside of any physical activity) instead of a list of physical activities. Default is false.

page_embed_iframe Hash with two keys: :url and :params. When attribute is set, the url is called with the associated params along with the page id.

donation_trigger_thresholds Donation raised thresholds in cents/pence. Defaults to: [2500, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000, 100000, 250000, 500000]. Triggers will be sent at the specified threshold for behavioral emails.

fitness_total_options See examples above, supported params available at Fitness leaderboard.

hidden Removes campaign from search (eg, get-started campaign suggestions).

opgs_fitness_goal Enable fitness goals to be entered on One Page Get-Started

preferred_fitness_unit See example above, mi, km are supported.

skip_page_create_notification Skips emailing the user after page creation.