Registration Integration

Through the API we allow campaign builders to extend the functionality of the everydayhero platform. We do this by allowing your chosen registration solution to hook into the supporter page creation process.

How Does it Work?

The everydayhero platform supports two kinds of supporter pages: Individuals pages and Team pages. In order to create an Individual Page through the API you will be required to authenticate the user through the everydayhero EDH OAuth and store the returned uid - this uid is our way of tracking that user within our platform and yours.

Once you have a uid you will be able to Create an Individual Page for your campaign.

Registering for Third Party Integration

Please email, you will be asked to provide two registration urls, one for individuals and one for teams. These are used by the everydayhero platform to redirect to the third party before creating a supporter page.

Primary Registrant

Create an Individual Page

Secondary Registrants

Create Individual Page Invitation

Team Page Creation

Create an Individual Page

Create a Team

Joining an Exising Team

Create Join a Team Invitation